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4,6,10 Tray


Tray Size - 18 x 26" (46 cm x 66 cm)


Model Series: MPTE




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Multi-purpose Bakery Oven



• Electric - 220V/60Hz/3Ph
• Easy to use
• Compact frame


Our flexible Multi-purpose Ovens are capable of: Convection baking, steam baking, convection baking + dry air, and baking with core probe and Delta T.


An innovative design distinguishes the exterior layout and the basic, yet elegant character of the ovens, beginning with a compact frame that reduces external dimensions.


All key systems controlling operation, maintenance, and cleaning are automated and programmable on a single touch screen display. As a result, oven, equipment, and auxiliary systems operate precisely, efficiently, and fully automatically.



Touch screen control panel with multiple user programs


Internal lighting for easy product viewing


Baking chamber is made in stainless steel and features rounded corners for easier cleaning and better air flow


Comes with 1 core probe


Double glass panel with low heat emission and easy disconnect for easy cleaning


Reversing motors with heat resistant bearings


Doors feature condensation catching trays


Convection baking from 158 to 518 degrees F


Steam baking from 158 to 266 degrees F


Multiple cooking methods: steam, convection, dry, and probe