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Spiral Bowl Lifter


For SL160RB to SL300RB

Discharge Fixed Height: 105" (2690mm)


Spirl Bowl Lifter



• Powerful hydraulic piston and double chain
• Twin Piston Spiral Bowl Lifter

Twin piston Spiral bowl lifter lifting is assigned to dedicated piston with double-raising chain while turning over is assigned to a sturdy pair of independent pistons.


Work area, sheltered by safety protection, features ergonomically positioned, easy-to-use control system. Perforated stainless steel supporting legs. Available in two discharge heights: 1.9 mt, 2.6 mt., for use with SL160RB - SL300RB (Special measurements can be built on request.) Maximum lift is 600kg.

Simple reliable service


Easy controls


Built in safety guard


Powerful single hydraulic piston provides the lifting power while two perfectly balances pistons provide the tipping motion