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Spiral Bowl Lifter


For SL160RB to SL300RB

Discharge Adjustable Height: 105" (2690mm)


Spirl Bowl Lifter



• Powerful hydraulic piston and double chain
• Lifts and discharges wheeled bowls at pre-set heights from min. m 2.2 to max m 3.8
• Compact


Prodigiously powerful yet remarkably compact, easily transported and simple to install. Less than 2.2 m tall when closed, making it well suited to trucks and containers. Easily fits into standard elevators with kg.2500 capacity.


Discharging structure features two, perfectly balanced pistons. Device mounted on stand with support and fixing legs adaptable to requirements of lifter. Inside the support, an oversized hydraulic control unit facilitates continuous use. Trolley operation area protected by ring beneath bowl itself. Operator can close unit in box with a safety gate to secure potential danger zone. Max overturnable weight 800 kg.

Adjustable height


Simple reliable service


Easy controls


Built in safety guard