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Overturnable Spiral Mixer


Max. Capacity: 615 lbs.

Discharge Height: 43 - 70"


SL280LB Overturnable Mixer



• Cost Effective
• Require very little maintenance
• Can withstand intensive operation

The OTM line of overturnable mixers is available in models of 120, 160, 200, 280 kg. of dough.


Once operator activates dumping control, unit automatically empties dough from bowl onto table, or into a divider. Designed to accommodate specific configurations, these models offer a cost efficient way of reducing the amount of manual labor required for dough processing. Built on a sturdy, reliable structure, OTM models can withstand intensive operation and require very little maintenance.

• Stainless steel bowl, spiral dough hook, and shaft


• Separate bowl and agitator motors


• Has two speeds and reverse function


• Control board has spperate timers for 1st and 2nd speed


• Mixer is equipped with built in lifter for lifting and dumping of mixed product


• Lifter can tilt machine to the right or left (must specify when ordering)


• Difference between H and B models is the height of the lifter (one for bench top and one for hoppers)


• Safety switches protect operator from injury if bowl lid is open.


• Powerful belt drive provides low vibration, low noise, and economical maintenance for years of reliable service