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We’ve thought of everything...even mixer splash covers and bowl extensions to eliminate
splashing and splatter!


SRM12 Countertop Mixer

  ss bowl splash ext. Ring  

Optional down-sized bowls with attachments are available for most of our mixers for mixing small batches of product such as meringue that can’t be done in a large bowl.


You may also order your 20-quart, 30-quart, 60-quart or 80-quart mixer with an automatic bowl scraper that can be attached to the agitator that automatically scrapes down the sides of the bowl during mixing. Order an optional power bowl lift on your 60- or 80-quart mixer to automatically raise and lower the bowl into place for mixing...or an optional bowl truck or dolly to make large bowls loaded with large amounts of ingredients easy to move to where you need them.

batter beater pastryknife spiral hook
heavy duty ss wire whip ss wire whip sweet dough beater four wing whip

The key to Univex Planetary Mixer versatility comes from our wide range of agitators and attachments that can be used with them. Engineered for optimum performance, these mixing implements allow you to use your mixer for all types of applications.


Our Spiral Dough Hook is the perfect shape for making yeast dough quickly and efficiently, while our uniquely shaped Sweet Dough Beater is ideal for mixing sweet doughs without overdeveloping the product.

For mixing cakes, batters, icings or even vegetables, the Batter Beater is the agitator of choice for superior creaming action and uniform dispersal of ingredients. Our Wire Whip incorporates air into liquids for products such as whipped cream and meringue, while our Four-Wing Whip is for product such as potatoes, butter and mayonnaise that may be too heavy for the regular Wire Whip.

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