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10.58oz. to 70.54oz. (300g to 2000g)
5.30oz. to 35.27oz. (150g to 1000g)

4.58oz. to 29.27oz. (130g to 830g)

3.5oz. to 23.28oz. (100g to 660g)

2.82oz. to 17.6oz. (80g to 500g)

2.11oz. to 14.1oz. (60g to 400g)

1.76oz. to 11.64oz. (50g to 330g)

1.41oz. to 8.81oz. (40g to 250g)



Model Series: SQD



Our Semi-Automatic Square Dividers are able to cut raw dough into various portions according to requirements, even oversized – in a matter of seconds!


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Automatic Square Divider



Square Shape detail

• Semi-Automatic
• Cuts dough into small portions in seconds



Univex Square divider can cut dough into various portions according to requirements, even oversized.


Automatically divides dough


Produces 10-80 equal weight and shaped pieces at once


Can produce 750-6000 pieces an hour


Strong hydrolic machine


Simple controls: simply close the lid and the machine runs its cycle and automatically opens.


Programable control board


Multiple languages