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Economy 4612

Light Duty Manual Slicer



We have completely redesigned our slicers to exceed todays standards for safety, sanitation and performance.



Economy 4612 Slicer



• Economy Series Manual slicer
• 12” Precision German hollow ground slicing blade
• Solid Anodized aluminum construction
• Belt Driven
• Max slice thickness .5”
• Top mounted easy to use sharpener
• Carriage detaches for easy washing/sanitization
• Powerful 1/4 hp belt driven motor

The newly design 4612 Value Manual slicer is certified to meet and exceed the latest NSF/ANSI standards, for safety sanitation and performance. Univex slicers are designed with our customers in mind, its robust construction and superb engineering combined to produce a slicer for those who need a reliable slicing machine.


The Economy, Manual gravity feed slicer, features a 12” precision German hollow ground blade, gear-driven transmission, rugged multi-position meat holder, permanent safety blade edge guard and built-in sharpener. Solid anodized aluminum construction with smooth curve transitions redirects liquid and debris away from the operator for improved all around cleaning accessibility.


The 4612 can be used up to 2 hours a day, great for small operations and home use.

• 12” Precision German hollow ground slicing blade
Top quality blade easy to sharpen and holds a sharp edge longer, helping extend the life of the slicer and produce clean and consistent slices

• Belt driven Slicer
Belt driven blade provides smooth, consistent, and quiet operation.

• Solid one pieceAnodized aluminum construction
Fewer seams and unique smooth curve transitions to redirect liquids away from controls and operator for greater hygiene standards.

• Ergonomic gravity feed comfort design
Value, Medium-duty gravity feed design, easier to clean. Its improved sealing helps protect the unit against water and debris extending the life of the slicer for a lower cost of ownership.

• Removable Carriage, blade guard and meat grip
Quick and simple disassembly for easy cleaning and sanitation of the carriage, blade guard and meat holder. Blade edge is always covered by a permanently mounted protective edge guard.

• Top mounted sharpener
It’s easy to use and to remove for cleaning and sanitation.

• Precise Slice thickness Adjustment
Adjustable slice thickness from 0 to 1/2” ensures consistent slices to maximize production and increase product yield.

• Light-duty volume slicer
Handles light volume operations, great for small restaurants, clubs and home use. Capable of slicing very small amounts of cheese.

Clear and easy to follow cleaning and sanitizing instructions available here >