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SFG 600 TL

With cutter roller and adjustable speed

Floor model

SFG600Tl Reversible Dough Sheeter

The SFG600 reversible dough sheeters are perfectly suited to the needs of artisans. Features such as cylinders with large-diameter, bored shoulders in anti-corrodal steel, ball bearings on all movements, and universal, reversible scrapers combine to ensure optimum efficiency and functionality.

Hand and foot pedal operation. 0 to 1.9” (48mm) adjustable cylinder separation changes dough thickness. Hard chrome polished cylinders. Tables fold upright for storage and
movement. Powerful 1HP motor. Sheets dough onto rolling pins to allow for transport of rolled dough to work area.


Standard Accessories: Heavy duty hardwood rolling pins. Designated area for flour while operating machine.


Optional Accessories: Contact factory for cutting roller attachments. On the SFG600TL model only.