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Value 6612S

Medium Duty Semi Automatic Slicer



We have completely redesigned our slicers to exceed todays standards for safety, sanitation and performance.



Premium 1000M



• Value Series Semi-Automatic quality slicer
• 12” Precision German hollow ground slicing blade
• Solid Anodized aluminum construction
• Belt Driven transmission
• Max slice thickness .5”
• Top mounted easy to use sharpener
• Carriage detaches for easy washing/sanitization
• Powerful 1/2 hp motor

The newly designed 6612S Value Semi-Automatic slicer is certified to meet and exceed the latest NSF/ANSI standards, for safety sanitation and performance. Univex slicers are designed with our customers in mind, its robust construction and superb engineering combined to produce a slicer for those who need a reliable slicing machine.


The Medium-duty, Semi-Automatic gravity feed slicer, features a 12” precision German hollow ground blade, gear-driven transmission, rugged multi-position meat holder, permanent safety blade edge guard and built-in sharpener. Solid anodized aluminum construction with smooth curve transitions redirects liquid and debris away from the operator for improved all around cleaning accessibility.


The 6612S can be used up to 4 hours a day and it is capable of slicing moderate amounts of cheese. Great for small schools, nursing homes, and restaurants.

• 12” Precision German hollow ground slicing blade
Top quality blade easy to sharpen and holds a sharp edge longer, helping extend the life of the slicer and produce clean and consistent slices


• Automatic mode with smooth Cam Technology
Easy to use Automatic slicer, outputs from 40 slices per minute.

• Gear driven transmission Slicer
Belt driven blade provides smooth, consistent, and quiet operation.


• Manual and automatic modes
Effortlessly switch between auto and manual with Smooth Cam Technology with a single twist of your wrist.


• Solid one pieceAnodized aluminum construction
Fewer seams and unique smooth curve transitions to redirect liquids away from controls and operator for greater hygiene standards.

• Ergonomic gravity feed comfort design
Value, Medium-duty gravity feed design, easier to clean. Its improved sealing helps protect the unit against water and debris extending the life of the slicer for a lower cost of ownership.

• Removable Carriage, blade guard and meat grip
Quick and simple disassembly for easy cleaning and sanitation of the carriage, blade guard and meat holder. Blade edge is always covered by a permanently mounted protective edge guard.

• Top mounted sharpener
It’s easy to use and to remove for cleaning and sanitation.

• Precise Slice thickness Adjustment
Adjustable slice thickness from 0 to 1/2” ensures consistent slices to maximize production and increase product yield.

• Handles medium-duty volume operations
Great for small schools, nursing homes, and restaurants. Capable of slicing moderate amounts of cheese.

Clear and easy to follow cleaning and sanitizing instructions available here >