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When it comes to preparing food, it’s all about getting the job done fast and done right. Versatile, reliable Univex prep equipment is ready to be your partner in success with our extensive line of equipment that ranges from hand mixers and patty presses to our 18" heavy-duty bowl cutter designed for volume production that can make over 3,000 cuts per minute.

Duro Series

Sturdy, easy-to-operate Univex Patty Presses make perfectly shaped, uniform burgers and more in seconds every time, ensuring consistent thicknesses for more even cooking. Features polished, die-cast aluminum and stainless steel construction and an ergonomically designed handle. Model 1404 molds up to 5 oz. into 4" diameter patties, model 1405 molds up to 8 oz. into 5" diameter patties, and model 1406 molds up to 16 oz. into 6" diameter patties. Includes supply of 1000 divider sheets.

PrepSaver Series


Designed for high-volume production, rugged Univex Bowl Cutters provide high-speed cutting of meats, fruits, vegetables and breads and come in two sizes, the heavy-duty 14" BC14 and the 18" BC18. Both offer significant time and labor savings with cutlery-grade twin stainless-steel blades that make over 3,000 cuts per minute to process products ranging from herbs and root vegetables to meats, cheeses and breads as finely as you want. And unlike food processors, Univex Bowl Cutters work continuously without having to stop to remove product.